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Wadena Housing


Section 8 Housing - Application & Qualifications

The Process Overview

  1. Fill out an application and your name will be put on the waiting list.
  2. When your name comes to the top of the waiting list, you will be notified by mail from WHRA.
  3. WHRA will meet with you to update your information and go through all the required paperwork.
  4. If eligible and when funds are available, a voucher will be issued, which gives you the go-ahead to find a place to live.
  5. When you have a place to live and the owner agrees to rent under the program, WHRA will conduct an HQS inspection of the unit. If unit passes, we will place you on the program.

Income Guidelines

30% of Median
 Very Low Income
 Low Income
1 Person
 2 Person
 3 Person
 4 Person

Payment Standards

Unit Size
0 Bedroom
1 Bedroom
 2 Bedroom
 3 Bedroom
 4 Bedroom
 5 Bedroom

*Maximum amount the Housing Authority can pay to help a family with rent.


If you think someone is committing fraud under the Section 8 program, please report this to the Wadena Housing & Redevelopment Authority.


HUD - U.S. Dept. of Housing & Urban Development
Fair Housing Booklet

Attorney General - 800-657-3787
Hot Line - 866-866-3546

Legal Aid:
  • Alexandria, MN for Families - 320- 762-0663
  • St. Cloud, MN for Seniors - 888-360-2889